Flying Through The Air With No Particular Ease is my third novel. It’s still a work in progress in its first draft. It’s the story of three sisters who face some tough things in life, like breasts, faith, and knowing who to call when you have to kill a mouse.

They grew up during the 50s and 60s in a small town in the foothills of South Carolina. They survived a hardscrabble childhood together. By now, in the year 1999, they lead very different day-to-day lives, but they must come together again when one of them is diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

June is the oldest. She’s a quiet, divorced mother of two grown, but never grown-up, sons. She’s a veteran church secretary, and she’s stayed behind in Hickok, South Carolina, to care for their Daddy all these years.

Meg, the middle sister, is wildly single. She’s an alcoholic, and she constantly struggles to stay sober. A commercial high-rise window cleaner, she lives in the big city of Greenville, South Carolina, and she does her best to care for herself.

Avis is the youngest and most estranged. A working artist, she’s an internationally-shown photographer, and she makes her home in New York City. An occasionally monogamous lesbian, she makes it a practice not to care for anyone for very long.

Now, flying together again, swinging high without a net, the Bigsby girls will try to remember the saving grace they thought they’d never forget, how to simply let go and trust one another to catch.

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